Dr. Pei-Jang Chang

Education Philosophy

  • We believe the purpose of education is to contribute to a student's sound 
  •  body and mind.
  •  We want to help them develop their potential, arouse their interest in learning,  discern right  from wrong, and establish good character. 
  •  We respect nature and humanity, and teach our students with wisdom.
  •  We believe that to be successful, each student should fully develop their  potential according   to their unique and different talents and personality.
  •  We are convinced that the essence of education is to give students chances  to make themselves better.
  •  We believe that education not only imparts knowledge, but also cultivates  good character.
  •  We find that education is best accomplished through love.
  •  We love our students and practice what we preach.
  •  We believe in God, love our country, cooperate with the community and seek  out excellence.

A School with New Notion

  • A school respects human dignity and develops student personality to  perfection.
  • A school understands the value of life and respects the harmonious  relationship between man and nature.
  • A school respects multicultural development, innovative traditions, and racial  differences.  
  • A school will consistently grow and take team learning seriously.
  • A cultural organization that encompasses traditional and modern life extending  from community to global views.
  • A school with a positive outlook that can understand respect, and appreciation for multicultural personality development.
  • A school supports developing potential and offers free and happy learning to  every student.
  • A school develops the ideals of democracy and abides by laws based on the  spirit of individuality.

Fuhsing Students'Ability

 One sport, One musical instrument, One hobby

 Two Abilities

  • Ability to distinguish right from wrong.
  • Ability to be creative.

 Three Excellences

  • Students must excel in Knowledge and capability
  • Art and science
  • Good character and team cooperation

 Four Specialties

  • English
  • Information Technology
  • Good Health
  • Specificity

 Five (Three Hearts & Two minds)

  • Three Hearts: Good and kind heart
  • Humble and appreciative
  • Harmonious and cooperative
  • Two Willings: 
  • Willing to do
  • Willing to help others

Fuhsing Map of Wholistic Development